Speaker Date Topic
Sam and Sophie Stone May 24, 2018
Myanmar Situation Update

Due to the recent news about human rights violation in Myanmar, many people have asked Sam and Sophie about what is really going on in this new democracy.  

Having just returned from Myanmar, Sophie and Sam will give us an update on the facts and the fragile future of the country, and explore how Rotary can help.
Fellowship due to Career Day being CANCELLED May 31, 2018
Bring someone to Rotary Club Luncheon
Lloyd Riddick Jun 07, 2018
Share his very interesting life

Lloyd Riddick has had a very interesting life.  Emil Geering recently met Lloyd and found him to be among the most interesting men he's met.

He will share with us his experiences in the Military Services - his employment - his involvement in Sports/Athletics - his involvement in Arts and Entertainment - and his family.

To give you just a sampling ....

He was on TV game show "You bet your Life" where he was paired with Miss America - He was featured in the film Family Jewels - he had a feature role the play "The Hill" - he competed in the Ted Mack Amateur Hour -  He had a solo vocalist career singing in clubs throughout Europe - He's sung at the Copacabanna and Cotton Club while in the Military he was one of the top sprinters in Europe - He took first place in the 100&200 meters in the USAF Championships - etc - etc - etc.



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Arlene Ferris-Waks (Tentative) Aug 02, 2018