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Paramus Rotary Club Meeting of Thursday April 19, 2018
Len LoPinto and Donna Perkoski came to talk to us about the tallest building in Paramus because it has the most "stories; 125,000 to be exact!" Paramus public library has been newly renovated to serve the community even better.  A library is the center for a community in regards to communication, information, culture and education. Everyone involved in this project really put their best foot forward to give our community the best library a community can have!
There have been many new updates down to our great library! There are electronic books that can be downloaded from the website! We are at an age where video games have become popular and kids have become so technologically advanced that we need to keep them entertained in more creative ways and this is one of them. The library has had a very busy schedule! They already had their first concert and were able to fit 120 people for this event. The library was not only renovated on inside but also on the outside making everything more updated and the grounds more beautiful. There are many different activities offered in the library to keep everyone in the community engaged and those programs are only growing. They recently started the cookbook club where one borrows a cookbook, makes a recipe, and then discusses the recipe and the ease of use of the cookbook. Microsoft from Garden State Plaza has partnered with the Paramus Library to do coding programs throughout the year. Another exciting program is sleep over at the library. Stuffed animals are arranged throughout the library and the teens take pictures of them and post them on social media so everyone can see what they are all doing.
The Library welcomes everyone to come tour and visit the Library and see all the updates and great programs available to our community!
~ Diane Vasile-Falcone also reminds us that Greeters are needed for our weekly meetings so make sure you sign up!
~ Steve Ferrell informed us that the Night at the Races is Scheduled for April 28th and is $55 per person. Please call (201) 664-4177 to be added to the list or look for the sign up sheet during our weekly meetings.
~ Doris Spano would like to remind everyone that the next Bingo Monday at the Veteran's Home has been scheduled for April 30th so make sure you sign up!
~ Emil Geering also reminds us:
District Conference
Exciting destination . . . Hard Rock Casino & Resort in Punt Cana, DR!
Please join us on May 3 -  6 for a joint conference with Dist. 7255 (Long Island)
for the annual District Conference at a beach resort in Dominican Republic.
Among the business of our district, a joint community service project is planned and there's plenty of free time at this casual resort on the beach. Emil and Jim M have brochures available and it's always fun when there are many from the club who attend. So, give it some thought and consider signing up at: rotarydistrict\
~ Len Manis reminds us:
RELAY FOR LIFE – American Cancer Society is scheduled for June 15, 2018 6 PM to June 16, 2018 6 AM at the Paramus High School
Join and/or donate to our Rotary team at
   Paramus Noon Rotary Club
(Ideas for new team name are welcomed)
Len Manis, Rotary Team Captain
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 The Paramus Rotary Club held two Food Drives to benefit the Rotary Military Family Assistance Center and the Paramus Veterans Food Bank.
The first drive occurred on September 10, 2016 and A second Food Drive was held on June 17, 2017 which yielded Tons and tons of food for both food banks. 
The Two  Food Drives held at the Paramus Shop-Rite during the Paramus Rotary Club 2016-2017 year collected food with a value of more than $39000. 
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Rotarians enjoyed the Summer Lobster Bake at Paramus Rotary Club President Nick Laganella home.
In addition to “Is it the TRUTH - Is it FAIR to all concerned? - Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER
FRIENDSHIPS? - Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?”…. “Remember to have FUN”!
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Posted by Fred Rohdieck on Aug 08, 2016
Paramus Rotary Club Scholarship recipients shared how their scholarships supported their college experiences and activities. 
Erica DePasquale is the recipient of the Nicholas Laganella Memorial Scholarship
Alyssa Nungra is the recipient of the Assunta Laganella Memorial Scholarship
Annika Nunfra is is the recipient of the Ruth Gray Memorial Scholarship.
Lindsay Carpenter is the recipient of the Nicholas Laganella Memorial Scholarship 
Paramus National Night Out is an event that enhances the relationship between neighbors, community organizations, community minded businesses, and law enforcement while bringing back a true sense of community.
This event, held on Tuesday, August 2nd provided a great opportunity to bring police and the community together under a positive circumstance.
Of course the Paramus Rotary Club was well represented by Rotarians Lydia Kievit, LenLoPinto, Fred Rohdieck, and Honorary Rotarian Donna Perkosky.
Visitors to the Rotary table received information brochures, Rotary Coloring Book, and their choice from many taste treats.
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Posted by Fred Rohdieck on Jul 04, 2016
Paramus Rotary Club Helped Paramus In Celebrating July 4th Independence Day
Paramus Rotary Club Members Participated
in Paramus July 4th Parade

Paramus Rotary Club Sponsored the Paramus Community Orchestra.
Seen here at the Paramus Sports Complex on July 3
leading up to the evening’s fireworks display.
We celebrate the Declaration of Independence for two reasons. It represents an official severing of ties between the original 13 colonies and the rule of Great Britain.
But it also represents the core of our beliefs, the very makeup of our identity as citizens of the U.S. Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence,
combined a rich a history of ideas and eloquently presented them to the then
King of Great Britain along with a list of grievances.
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 Paramus Rotary Club Meeting of Thursday, June 30, 2016 ...and MORE
What a day for the Paramus Rotary Club!!
Thursday, June 30th, 2016 was the last weekly meeting under the leadership of President 2015-2016 Jay was anything but "usual" as you can see from the following photos. While the Powerpoint presentation was "reporting" on the July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 weekly meetings and events, President Jay unveiled several surprises. First came the quick end of the formal meeting with the opening of the stage curtain and the start of a DJ and dancing. Shortly after a few songs came the next unveiling. The sliding doors at the back of the room opened and there was a display fit for a "wedding reception".
 There were also some VERY SPECIAL guests attending today meeting.
One of the many Rotary crowning achievements is the Gift of Life program which has saved the lives of over 27000 worldwide. This program began in 1974 with the very first heart surgery on then 5 year old Grace Agwaru from Uganda. Today, in 2016, we were visited by Grace as well as the creator of the Gift of Life initiative Robby Donno, and the current Rotary International Gift of Life program director Rob  Raylman. 
Pictured here are our club's own Mr. Gift of Life Ray Hough with Grace Agwaru with a $10,000 check from the Paramus Rotary Club for the Gift of Life Program.
Also pictured is most current Gift of Life recipient, her family, Ray, Robby, Rob, as well as others from the Paramus Rotary Club associated with the Gift of Life program. 
Two Paramus Rotary Club members are honored for their extra ordinary contributions to the Paramus Rotary Club.
Pictured is President Jay presenting the Presidents Award 2016 to Mr. Marty Diamond. Also pictured is the Paramus Rotary Club's "Godfather" Mr.. Ray Wells as he was the recipient of the his pin for 52 Years of Perfect Attendance. 
This evening was also the summer of 2016 first performance of the Paramus Community Orchestra thanks to the sponsorship of the Paramus Rotary Club and the Paramus Public Library. Pictured at the performance are Paramus Rotarian Fred Rohdieck and Rotarian & Director of the Paramus Library Len LoPinto...along with a large audience of appreciative concert attendees.
This was also an amazing week for our RYLA students.
RYLA 2016 ran from this past Sunday to Wednesday and the Paramus Rotary Club had four PHS students participating. Quote received today from them..."On such a high from RYLA in many ways that cannot be described in words..." Not only did WE have our four 2016 students there but we also had one of our 2014 RYLA students David Edelstein participating as a Servant Leader.
Pictured are David (center) and our 2016 Paramus Rotary Club's RYLAteers taken at the closing ceremonies this past Wednesday evening. It will be great to hear about their experiences when they visit us after returning back to school in the fall.
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What a great way to spend early Sunday morning at New Jersey City University welcoming high school juniors from all over northern New Jersey to this week's RYLA camp. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a leadership training program for young people, run by local clubs - in this case the program is sponsored by the Rotary clubs in district 7490. Our Paramus Rotary Club sponsored 4 Paramus High School students. As co-chair of our RYLA committee it was a pleasure to be among those who interviewed so many great candidates. Only wish there was more room in camp so that we could have selected more. Attendees come back to us each year saying how their RYLA experience was "life changing". Let the fun begin!
There to welcome everyone and direct them to registration.
RYLA participants just completing registration
Rotary District 7490 Governor Peter Wells
welcoming all the participants as the
RYLA program begins. Program runs
from Sunday - Wednesday
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Posted by Fred Rohdieck on Jun 16, 2016
The very special guest speaker at the Paramus Rotary Club Meeting Thursday, June 16, 2016 was Dana Spett the Executive Director for Pony Power Therapies at Three Sisters Farm in Mahwah, New Jersey. Pony Power is an organization that has been supported in the past by the Paramus Rotary Club…but this is Dana’s first in-person presentation at one of our meetings.

Pony Power Therapies is a non-profit organization giving special needs and at-risk children and adults a unique opportunity to ride, care for and interact with horses. Their riding and non-riding activities enhance individuals’ physical, social and emotional well-being in a safe, nurturing farm environment.

Pony Power Therapies was founded in 2000 (in Paramus) to provide horse-assisted activities to children and adults with a broad spectrum of developmental, physical and emotional disabilities. A lifelong equestrian, Founder and Executive Director Dana Spett discovered therapeutic horseback riding while researching alternative therapies for one of her daughters with mild special needs.

In 2005, Pony Power transitioned to a 501(c)3 organization to meet the increasing needs of the community, and now serves as Bergen County’s only facility providing horse-assisted activities for special needs populations.

Since 2000, they have provided horse-assisted activities to children and adults with a broad spectrum of developmental and physical disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, seizure disorder, developmental disabilities, mental health challenges, visual impairments and traumatic brain injury.

They also serve individuals, families and groups facing a range of life challenges, such as those dealing with trauma and loss, substance abuse and recovery, eating disorders, anxiety and depression, relationship and social issues, parenting challenges and more. 

They currently serve 190 children and adults per week with a staff of 12 and about 150 volunteers. Their clients range from the youngest 2 ½ year old to their oldest at age 88.

Pony Power is home to 18 seasoned therapy horses and ponies. All of their horses and ponies have been donated or rescued…and each exhibits an understanding of the significance of the new responsibility with which they have been entrusted.


On a physical level, the riding helps participants strengthen and develop muscles and hone balance and motor control. Emotionally, riders develop a sense of responsibility and respect for an animal, learn problem-solving skills and develop an increased ability to focus. The unique relationships riders develop with the horse can lead to increased confidence, patience and self-esteem, as well as foster feelings of independence and pride.

During each 30-minute session, riders are paired with one Pony Power Instructor, and two trained volunteers. Each session focuses on one of six key life skills, including safety, communication, setting boundaries, critical thinking, social skills and responsibility. 


To find out more about Pony Power Therapies please visit

They are always looking for more volunteers and donations.


It was also GREAT to have MaryAnn Siniscalchi back at our meetings and having her as this week’s greeter!

Please contact us and say “yes I’ll be there” as part of the Paramus Rotary Club’s July 4th Parade contingency. Email committee chair Fred Rohdieck at OR sign up next few weeks at our Thursday afternoon meeting.
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Posted by Nicholas Laganella on Apr 14, 2016
Nearly 400 were present for the 30th Annual Paramus High School Career Day held at Seasons in Washington Township. Paramus Police Chief Ken Ehrenburg gave an excellent inspirational Speech urging our nearly  300 students not to watch reality TV and to concentrate on society and becoming an active and productive member of it through their career choices. 
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