Speaker Date Topic
Alexandria Brunelli Mar 01, 2018
Presentation from Alexandria Brunelli Community Development Manager American Cancer Society

Presentation from Alexandria Brunelli Community Development Manager American Cancer Society 

Sam Stone Mar 08, 2018
Myanmar Human Rights Situation Update - How it relates to our Safe Water Project

Sam will report about the complex background story behind the human rights concerns in Myanmar, and how the new government plans to solve the problem, and how it relates to our Safe Water Project.





Installation of newest members Mar 15, 2018
New members will share information about themselves

New members will share information about themselves so that we get to know them better.

Rotary Club EVENING meeting Mar 22, 2018
More information to come

The usual noon meeting of the Paramus Rotary Club for Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 WILL BE REPLACE ON THAT DAY by a 6:PM EVENING meeting.

Location and agenda information will follow shortly so keep in touch with the SPEAKER information on our Paramus Rotary Club Website.

Brigitte Johnson, Melisha Osorio, John Maisto Mar 29, 2018
Care Plus Workforce Solutions

Making a Difference in the Lives of People

Care Plus Workforce Solutions leverages the power of Social Enterprise to deliver powerful business benefits.

As a non-profit organization, we are one of the few mental healthcare agencies that successfully combines a competitive business model with a workforce comprised of over 75% disabled and economically disadvantaged individuals.

All our employees earn competitive wages, are rigorously trained and extremely professional. And, most of all – they try harder.

James F. Mangam Jr and Emily Mangam Apr 05, 2018
The sailor that was kissing the nurse after VE day in 1945

Emily and Jim were at a Rotary meeting in Plantation, Florida. 


The guest speaker was the sailor that was kissing the nurse after VE day in 1945 and is part of that very famous photo and statue that is in Sarasota and San Diego.


They will tell his story and they also have a signed photo from him.

Tom Wells and Brian Juma Apr 12, 2018
Wells Mountain Initiative

Tom's Foundation has visited our club many times  regarding the Wells Mountain Initiative and enjoyed past support from the Paramus Rotary Club.

The Wells Mountain Initiative has a WMI Scholar working in the United States this year. Hi name is Brian Juma from Kenya. 

Both Tom and Brian will be speaking as they both have a great story to share,


Len LoPinto / Donna Perkoski Apr 19, 2018
Presenting the newly renovated Paramus Public Library