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Paramus Rotary Club Meeting of Thursday August 10, 2017
Paramus Rotary Club Meeting of Thursday, August 3, 2017
This week we had two students who are scholarship recipients and they came to share their experience so far!
 First student was Rebecca Jini who is a recent scholarship recipient. She will be attending Lehigh in the fall and will be starting as a sophomore!!! She was able to complete all her AP classes in high school and receive college credit thus making her a sophomore already on her first year. She is excited to have a roommate from England who she recently met. Rebecca has also been a cross country runner through her high school career and plans on running in college as well. 
Our next presenter, Lindsey Carpenter, is also a scholarship recipient and will be starting her Junior year at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She is currently majoring in Architecture and presented a power point presentation of her most recent project. Her project was a housing project in Downtown Troy in New York State. The lot that was chosen was an actual empty lot by the river and students had to plan the use of it. Lindsey was able to put a model together of a 80-100 unit housing project for local students and residents. It also included a botanical garden, parking, and even a ferry terminal! 
She is also involved with a school publication that is managed by the Assistant Dean of the school. This publication showcases student work and is printed biannually. She is also involved with the sorority ΠΒΦ (Pi Beta Phi) whose motto is "Lead Read Achieve." This fall she will be spending her fall semester in Rome Italy for a study abroad opportunity!
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