JUNE 2, 2016
 June 02, 2016
It was time to say “good-by” today to our club’s Gift of Life Child from 5 years ago Ashlee Tan, her Dad Albert Tan, her Mom Joy Dela Pena, and little sister Misha Tan. It was also time to thank Helen Astmann and Lloyd Ashman who were their host family 5 years ago…and who have kept in contact with the Tan family…and who made it possible to have the Tan family visit and stay with the Astmann’s these past few weeks. Lloyd reminded us that 5 years ago Ashlee arrived suffering with her heart issues, her lips and finger nails blue, and with the probability of not reaching her next birthday. But thanks to the Rotary Gift of Life Program and the generosity of Lloyd and Helen Astmann and several other member of the Rotary Club, Ashlee is now in happy, vivacious, precocious, and in perfect health…and tomorrow heading back to her home in the Philippines.