Members of the Rotary Club’s Dictionary Program met today to organize for the distribution of Rotary sponsored Dictionaries. 
The Rotary Club is proud to present each 3rd grade student in the 5 Paramus Public Grammar Schools as well as Our Lady of Visitation Academy with a free copy of “A Student’s Dictionary”. 
The goal of the Rotary Dictionary Project is to assist good writing, active reading, creative thinkers, and resourceful learners by providing students with their own dictionary. 
Due to last year’s Covid-19’s remote learning environment we were not able to distribute dictionaries - soooo this year dictionaries will ALSO be distributed to those school’s 4th graders. 
On the inside cover is a yellow sticker “Presented To” where the students name will be added. There is also included a yellow bookmark listing the Rotary “Four Way Test of the Things We Think, Say, or Do”. 
And lastly is a letter from our club containing information about Rotary listing some of the community service projects performed by the Rotary Club of Paramus.