The Rotary Club of Paramus makes a special presentation to a young Paramus boy who is fighting cancer.
Once again the Rotary Club of Paramus demonstrated the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self".
At our meeting of Nov. 18th, the Rotary Club of Paramus made a special presentation to a young Paramus boy who is fighting cancer.
A little over 2 years ago the the Paramus Rotary Club partnered with Tommy Head, the founder and CEO of Childhood Cancer Society and author of Adventure Ted: Night at the Enchanted Theme Park.
Our activity with this organization was halted for the last year or so due to COVID-19 and the resulting restrictions on meetings and travels. 
However our fundraising continued during COVID-19 and thanks to the generosity of our great members $5,000 was raised for Childhood Cancer Society.
Just recently, with less COVID-19 restrictions, a young 12 year old boy from Paramus who has been fighting a challenging diagnosis of cancer for over 6 years, was selected. 
Today this youngster Elijah Kim, along with his family members Jeremiah, Anthony and Grace Kim, was surprised with the gift of a VIP Disney/ Universal Theme Park Vacation of a lifetime. 
The theme of the meeting was Harry Potter with Harry’s pet owl Hedwig as the special surprise guest. 
Helping us was Deborah Davidson from the Tenafly Nature Center who brought along a real live owl currently under their care.