Posted by Peter Kantzilieris
Paramus Rotary Club Meeting of Thursday April 19, 2018
Len LoPinto and Donna Perkoski came to talk to us about the tallest building in Paramus because it has the most "stories; 125,000 to be exact!" Paramus public library has been newly renovated to serve the community even better.  A library is the center for a community in regards to communication, information, culture and education. Everyone involved in this project really put their best foot forward to give our community the best library a community can have!
There have been many new updates down to our great library! There are electronic books that can be downloaded from the website! We are at an age where video games have become popular and kids have become so technologically advanced that we need to keep them entertained in more creative ways and this is one of them. The library has had a very busy schedule! They already had their first concert and were able to fit 120 people for this event. The library was not only renovated on inside but also on the outside making everything more updated and the grounds more beautiful. There are many different activities offered in the library to keep everyone in the community engaged and those programs are only growing. They recently started the cookbook club where one borrows a cookbook, makes a recipe, and then discusses the recipe and the ease of use of the cookbook. Microsoft from Garden State Plaza has partnered with the Paramus Library to do coding programs throughout the year. Another exciting program is sleep over at the library. Stuffed animals are arranged throughout the library and the teens take pictures of them and post them on social media so everyone can see what they are all doing.
The Library welcomes everyone to come tour and visit the Library and see all the updates and great programs available to our community!
~ Diane Vasile-Falcone also reminds us that Greeters are needed for our weekly meetings so make sure you sign up!
~ Steve Ferrell informed us that the Night at the Races is Scheduled for April 28th and is $55 per person. Please call (201) 664-4177 to be added to the list or look for the sign up sheet during our weekly meetings.
~ Doris Spano would like to remind everyone that the next Bingo Monday at the Veteran's Home has been scheduled for April 30th so make sure you sign up!
~ Emil Geering also reminds us:
District Conference
Exciting destination . . . Hard Rock Casino & Resort in Punt Cana, DR!
Please join us on May 3 -  6 for a joint conference with Dist. 7255 (Long Island)
for the annual District Conference at a beach resort in Dominican Republic.
Among the business of our district, a joint community service project is planned and there's plenty of free time at this casual resort on the beach. Emil and Jim M have brochures available and it's always fun when there are many from the club who attend. So, give it some thought and consider signing up at: rotarydistrict\
~ Len Manis reminds us:
RELAY FOR LIFE – American Cancer Society is scheduled for June 15, 2018 6 PM to June 16, 2018 6 AM at the Paramus High School
Join and/or donate to our Rotary team at
   Paramus Noon Rotary Club
(Ideas for new team name are welcomed)
Len Manis, Rotary Team Captain